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Friday, October 30, 2009

WHAT... not one comment opn anything

As I sit in front of my computer, contemplating life and it's weirdness, I have but one thing to say! How can i not have one comment on any of the last 3 to 4 posts I have made. Are they not comment worthy? What's the deal people.


The Olympics start in 105 days, and I am off to them in less than that 90 days to be exact. Well until they tell me otherwise. I am so eacited. I am llooking forward to representing my country in one of the most privileged ways, and that's as a Hostess for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games. I cannot wait to wear the uniform, with pride, dignity and honor. I may not be military, but I will sure feel like I am. Wearing a uniform that representls my country and all she has to offer. How cool is that.

I think this is what I'll be wearing during the Olympics...
so freaking awesome!!!
BLUE my favorite colour.

Check out the medals...

These are going to be great games, I cant' wait to get down there and represent my country in the most exciting time of my life. This has happened twice in my lifetime, the Olympics coming to CANADA. It may or may not ever happen again, so I might as well embrace it while I can.

Well, what started as a complaint, turned into the most exciting memory I will ever have. Spending my 1 year anniversary, with new lungs, at the Olympics in Vancouver. Oh Yeah!!!! Nothing can beat that, nothing. Well, unless I win the lottery! lol

Love you all


Confessions of a transplant patient...

Today was the funeral for our good friend Malcom, who passed away suddenly. I'll admit, i am not the first one to talk about death, dying or anything along those lines, but lately... well it's all I can think about.

Malcom was a young free spirited man, who loved to fish, take things apart and not put them back together. He was one of those souls that you just loved no mater what. We weren't close, although his older brother is like a son to Derek and i. We took him in, and loved him. As any good friend would do.

But today was different. It made me think that, what if the surgery didn't work, what if it wasn't such a huge success, then some of these people (The Watt's my Dad and Derek) would be grieving like they are for Malcom, but for me. Okay, I know this may sound selfish but come on, you can't tell me that when you go to a funeral, you don't start to think of your own mortality?

I started thinking, I think I want to have a wake now, it's a way of closure, I didn't see it that way until today. Malcom looked great, peaceful and at ease. But I remembered what Jim Bob Duggar told his son, when he asked why Grandpa Duggar wasn't breathing, he said "Grandpa Dugger's body was just god's way of putting a face to the work he wanted done. Now his sou is in heaven, and all that is left behind is the body of the person we love." This was a 6 year old asking the question, and the best answer I heard from an adult in a long time. God bless the Duggars for being up front and honest with their kids.

So now I think I want a wake/viewing. I guess it depends on what you look like when you go. If I look half as good as Malcom does, then I am for it. If I look like shit, forget it. lol

Needless to say, today was and is a tough day. You try to be strong, but you break down. My Dad was there, and was strong. He came to support Chris, and bless him for that, cause he ended supporting me in the long run. Father Kevin's service was beautiful, Malcom would have enjoyed it. It wasn't long, and it wasn't only the bible, it was explanation and hope for the rest of us. What a wonderful man, Father Kevin is.

We are all going to go at some point, and some before others. But until that time comes, you have to do what you were put on this earth to do. I think mine is to educate and explore. If going to the Olympics in February isn't exploration enough, I don't know what is.

Much love to the Watt family,(Steve, Sylvie, Chris, Nicole, and Stephanie) no matter what the time, we are here for you, no matter what the day we are here for you. Friend for life is what we are, in life and death, you will forever be remembered.