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Saturday, January 17, 2009


I needed a few days to regroup and think about what I was going to say.

As Thursday came quickly, and that day was just as crazy as the next step will be. I was hoping that the Doctors would meet bright and early in the morning on Thursday, but NO. As luck would have it they weren't meeting until 4:30p. That's something I never thought happened, i didn't know Doctors met after hours like that. I guess I was wrong.

So as I woke Thursday morning at 6am, to my dismay nothing had happened, but that was obvious. I tried to go back to sleep, tucked myself back into my little nest of pillows and blankets. Got my physio done, that usually get's me to sleep, but no, didn't happen.

While I waited patiently, okay, okay so maybe I wasn't so patient. While I waited to hear something, I kept thinking to myself, what if they say no, what will happen. I am now immune to all medications, so now what is going to happen. Well, I just sat and waited... and waited... had some lunch, waited and waited some more. My nurse, Ena, came to my room and we chatted for a little while.

As we were chatting her pager went off, she looked at it, and it was a 416 number. I told her to call the number from me room immediately. I told her she had no choice but to call the number. This was around 4:45, think about it people 15 minutes and they already had their meeting. So as we anxiously awaited the answer at the other end of the line, we sat, we waited and we listened.

As Ena wrote on the paper the notes Cathy was telling her, she teared up. Then I got to talk to Cathy, and the my eyes were so big, you could probably drive through them. I AM ON THE LIST, and I cannot stop smiling.

As the news spread through the room, I called my Hubby first, who had just left the hospital from visiting me about 20 minutes before that. So I left the cookiest message ever, so he knew what I was feeling. Then I couldn't get a hold of my parents, so I texted them. That text read as follows:


After I made the necessary family calls, I called my best friends Rebecca and Jo. I called Rebecca at work and Jo at her house. The both got excited, had questions and well, it was awesome. I left a message with their parents, who are like second parents to me also. I was the best feeling in the world.

My phone didn't stop ringing. So now that all the necessary information had been passed around, I am just now, slowly recovering from Facial muscle spasms. It's funny, I forgot I had so many muscles in my face. When I heard, I was smiling so much, it was almost as awesome as my wedding day.

So now I am patiently waiting on the list for a new set of lungs. I will be in Ottawa until new lungs or a bed becomes available in Toronto. Woohoo!!! I will keep everyone posted as to the process as I am aware of it. FABULOUS!!!!