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Monday, September 19, 2016

September 18th I run.walk for them

Good morning friends,

Sunday September 18th has changed my life.

WHY? you ask

Well, on Sunday September 18th 2016, i participated in Canada's ARMY RUN in Ottawa Ontario, i needed a day to focus on the achievement that i have made. 

7 years ago, as you all know, I had a double lung transplant. It's nothing to scoff at, that's for sure. But as I stood at the starting line, waiting for the silent start, i looked around me, and saw Soldiers with prosthetic limbs, let me re-phrase that, i saw HEROES with Prosthetic limbs. And i thought to myself, these selfless men and women fought pretty damn hard to get where they are today, and so did I. It was an honour to race amongst them, it was an honour to race for them. #ArmyRun
Starting line rumble!  Yeah they all ran by me!

I finished the race in 59 minutes and 43 Seconds. I personal best for me, because I have never done a 5K for a reason since transplant. I will get stronger, and I wore my #RockCF shirt with pride. My time would have been faster had I not stopped to shake the hands of every Soldiers along the way.
It meant something to me, knowing that while I was running with all these wonderful people, that the money raised is going somewhere good.  It is helping Military families in Canada who have gone through the imaginable, losing limbs, losing family.
I have always felt the need to serve my country, in some way.  Military was always a first choice for me, since joining the Army Cadets in 1992.  I did well, love the discipline and the reaction I felt when I did the unthinkable.  I was denied access to the 2 week camp my first summer, I was devastated, but with perseverance, some letters from my Phys. Ed teacher Mr. Gatien, a letter from my Doctor at the CF clinic, and i was there.  Stunning them all with ow awesome I was.
Now I venture on a new project, since 2001, after the WTC came crashing down on New York, my calling came to me in the form of Policing or Firefighting. I am working on it!

Back to the Run!

Haming it up for the camera guy!
I have never cried at the National anthem before, at least for a good reason. But on Sunday, I couldn't keep the tears in, knowing so many families are depending on my donation and contribution.  I ran for some of my great friends, my high school buddy Grant, who serves in Petawawa, and a new friend Mike Ieropoli who is also serving it Petawawa.  I ran in honour of SD&G native Sgt. Marc Leger who served with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and served our country until April 17th 2002.
It benefits me to know that his contributions have not gone un-noticed, that all their hard work doesn't fall the side lines, it's people like me, and the over 25000 runner, in the 5K alone, who run for these brave men and women.
I will keep on keeping on, knowing that in Canada, we sleep at night, we wake up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, and in my case Geese honking.  I thank them for giving me the time to reflect without the sounds of bombs going off in the distance.

Dear Canadian Forces... WE GOT YOUR 6

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