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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Reaching out

As i sit  on my couch, watching aimlessly into the dysfunction that is my day, I am reading about things going on in life. And you know what I noticed, Every single article that comes up on my Facebook news feed is negative. 

So let's light up the screens with a little happiness.

I have recently, like 10 minutes ago, have been reading the blog of the one and only Jeremy Roloff from Little People Big World.  He is a photographer, and Reality TV show star.  But his photography is a story all in it's own.  I follow his work pretty closely, checking to see what new stuff he comes up with.  I have a bad habit of looking at other works of art and try to make a similar experience through my own lenses.  Taking pictures calms my soul, journalism and reading make for a really relaxing weekend.  I don't get much done, but I still love to do it.

For example, I have a paper journal, that allows me to make some pretty imaginative pages, it's like scrap-booking, or making a graphic novel. I use colours, images, quotes, bible verses and pictures that I have taken, read, found and sometimes even song lyrics.  It's a form of release and reflection on my life.

Going to back to Jeremy Roloff's blog, he makes mention of a phrase he and his bride Audrey had come up with while they were courting in a long distance relationship.  It's "Braid it".  I don't intend to use the phrase, and if I do maybe that is a good thing.  But here is their explanation for the phrase "Braid it"

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"Think about the structure of a braid, it has three strands. The third strand is what holds a braid together. Without it you would be left with a twist, which is easy unraveled. The third strand is the most important, and is imperative to keep all three intertwined." 

- Jeremy & Audrey Roloff 

What a brilliant phrase, and if you think about it, a braid is never ending, it keeps holding things together, until you untie it.  A braid can be any size, a braid can be beautiful, messy and simple.  A braid like a soul can be complicated it can easily be unraveled, or tightly kept together.  It can be simple and doesn't show any wear or tear.  A braid can a be it's own story, telling the tales of someone who has been through it all, and nothing at the same time. It can be manipulated to become something spectacular.  


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