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Monday, July 18, 2011


I had the best weekend I could ever think of.  You see my home town, Cornwall, Ontario have this event every year called Lift-Off.  It's about family, friends, fun and Hot air Balloons.  Oh did I mention the entertainment.  Fantastical.

Each year this event bring in tourism to our little town, and whole lotta fun to be had.  There's a fair set up in the park, and the concerts, oh the concerts are amazing.  The one truly inspirational thing about this festival, is that it speaks to me on a different level.

Before I had my transplant, or after rather, I would tell people that the way I felt when I could breath was like a hot air balloon.  At first it's all crumpled and stuck together in a bag that won't allow it to open up.  When a balloon is set free, and able to open it's cavity it brings beauty and an amazing reflection of what it feels like to be able to breath.

Kinsmen Lift-Off Balloon Festival

To be able to breath freely is like watching a Loon swim, floating along the top of a water passage.  Beautiful.

So see the mechanics of a Hot air balloon is like looking at the mechanics of our breathing system.  Tubes, holes and passages we could never imagine living without.

This year event was a huge success, I can only hope to see some of my friends out there next year.

Cheers and love with arms wide open.  Breathing easy and loving every minute of it.