It is an honor that you are here, Thank you!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My life to live.

It is my life that bring a smile to my face.  The people I know, the people i meet and the family I absolutely love.

It is this love i have for life that brings the most important aspects of my life together.  Not only does my family and friends hold special places in my heart, but so do the friends I meet on-line or wherever I go.  I met friends in Toronto that I will hold near and dear to my heart, the ones that came to see me after my surgery, and the family that kept me from going insane.  You know who you are. Kevin & Erin McCue, Kevin & Bernadette Proulx, Chris, Jill, Morgan, Grace and Kyra Tessier, Shawna, Lindsay, Erin & Jeff, Judd, My mom and Dad, My In laws, Memere, Jim, Dave, Jim Brownell, Tracey, Rebecca Hardy (on more than one occasion, thanks Chris for training at that time) Cheif Parkinson, Mayor Bob Kilger, Tracey Trottier, Bobby & Noreen Richer, and the two most important men who were there for me at that very moment that everything happened, Chris Watt and the man of my life, Derek.  Without all these people in my life, I wouldn't be able to say thank you, for being there for me.

And that's the truth!

Many of you were there inspirit and I thank you dearly for that.  I also have to thank the Pope, as he sent his well wishes to me through the Vatican, hard core, yeah I know.  Thank you to my family, who couldn't be there but i know where there in spirit and love and respect to the donor family.

Today is my Donor day.  i always think of them, all the time, but sometimes it's hard to realize that i am here with their lungs.  I am still alive, and I can't believe it sometimes.  It's days like this that i just find my heart troubled when I cannot imagine what I have done to be here today.  Why me, why is it i get to live while another dies.  I can't answer those questions I can only pray that I will be able to meet my donor in heaven when I get there.

So to my donor again today, I live because you dies.  I live because you tried, and i live because your family thought it would be the best decision, and something you wanted.  THANK YOU!

And this is my blog for the night.  Until tomorrow I bid you Adieu and pleasant dreams, they are what we are made of.  Loving you all today and always,