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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eva's story lives on.

Eva's story lives on.

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love love love thousands say goodbye to eva markvoort

love love love thousands say goodbye to eva markvoort

My Life With Emily! Rest Peacefully Dear Friend

My good friend Cara, sent this in her blog, I watched it and it was amazing.  So you can understand a little more about Emily, and how strong she is.  I am saddened to inform everyone, that Emily has passed away.

Here is the link that Cara posted on her blog that i had no idea was there.  Probably because i don't check out the New York times all that often.  haha!

Emily Haager and The New York Times

I am really pissed off right now.  People who are advocates of what they have, are the ones that are being taken away form us.  It kind of makes it hard to believe in ahigher power, when he did so much for me.  But then you think, is it something that I did, is it something I am supposed to do.  Why did they take Emily away form us?  Since December I have lost three dear friends to CF.  Emilie from Ottawa, Eva from BC and now Emily form California.  All of these strong women were a huge part in advocatcy for transplant and CF.  they were my Cysters.  And not that I am not grateful for what I have recieved becasue i truly am, but why do these women have to leave their legacy behind and not be able to share their stories anymore?

MY Great Strides walk this year in in honor of my Cysters who have passed away to quickly.  My living is in their honor, to show that with modern medicine, and no procrastination, all CF patients should undergo their assessments as soon as they hit their 20's, and have had their first infection in the 20's or early 30's.

In order to make CF stand for Cure Found we have to work hard to make the best of everything we have, and everything we'll get out of life.  I am grateful that this illness isn't taking me away, tuly grateful.  But it is taking away people that are important to me.

I will single handedly make a difference, if I have not already.

Life is precious, hold it close and never let it go.

This is my favorite picture of Emily, and this is how I will always remember her. Rest in Peace Dear Friend, you will never be forgotten.