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Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Happened.... it finally happened!


The City of Cornwall proudly presents, the 30th birthday of Alison Proulx, on this the 30th Day of April 2009.

Yes you read correctly folks, I am now in my 30th year of life, and I owe it all to the medical marvel of organ transplant, and modern medicine. Not to mention my positive attitude towards Lung transplantation, and the dire need to tell everyone my story. It doesn't and will never get old. But I sure will. I was thinking today, if I had to do it all over again, would I?... HELL YEAH I would, in a heart beat.

Think about it, with my positive attitude towards life, and the meaning of it, why wouldn't I? I was raised to believe in the greater good of all human beings. Doctors are there to make you well, although at times, we wish they would all think what we were thinking, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. MY parents are like little bundles of knowledge and wisdom. Too bad it took me forever to realize that Mom & Dad are always right. D-uh!

As I sit at my computer desk, recanting the last 38 minutes of my birthday, I can't help but tell everyone that I love them, for all their support, their knowledge, their time and their patience with me. I know I have been unpleasant to be around at times, and I know I had been, and can still be a little demanding. There is so much I want to teach, and learn, and share with the world, that my face will be the best thing you will see in a long time.

CF will not only be cured in my lifetime, but I cannot wait to see other children live to be 30 like I am today, on April 30th, 2009. This, mu Campaign birthday. I had a dream last night about a dear friend who passed away a few years back, she was beautiful in that dream of mine. She laughed and smile, and was talking with us. I know she isn't here, but her spirit was so in my dream, that it was like I was talking with her, like we did in high school.

Candace, you have always been on my mind, and I think of you very often,
and visit you when I visit my grandfather.
You are a wonderful soul, and heart.
You will never be forgotten in my mind, or my thoughts.
There you will live forever.

To all my friends and family, thank you. To all my friends and family who have passed, I will remember you. To new and old Friends, may we keep in contact, and to my sibling and parents, I owe you my life, and to my Handsome husband, with whom I am as strong today as the day we met, you are my rock, my inspiration and my life. I owe you everything, because you have given me more than I could possible ask for in a human being... Undefined, and undivided love, attention and affection. Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today.

Kisses & love to all my People, my community and my family & friends. you all make me a special someone.

Kisses & Hugs to you all forever.