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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well, here it is folks, my newest blog entry.

I have some pretty amazing people in my life. I have just met a few more. I could not imagine not having other people in my life who also have CF. It's a mystery to me, why we all can't share in each others happiness, face to face. but yet, it does not surprise me in the least. Go figure the one illness in this world, where we all want to be together, and talk and share our experiences, does not always allow us to do that. Some patients are sicker than other, or have bacteria growing in their lungs that is highly contagious, yet we all still want to be close to one another.

So tell me, why can't we? I want to talk to my new friends with CF, I want to talk to my old friends with CF, but these bacteria cause us to talk online, on the phone but never face to face. But when someone who has the same strain of bacteria growing, we can be in the same room, because we've already go it. But I want to talk to the ones who don't have to same bacteria as me. WHY CAN'T I TALK TO THEM! I know why, but I don't like it.

I am so blessed to wake up every morning, take a deep breath, and see my husband sleeping next to me. Okay so that rarely happens, he's always gone before I wake up. lol But I know he's there at night. I cannot imagine what he must go through when I am not home. I can manage when I am gone, because I am not thinking about how he's feeling, I am concentrating on getting better. But when I start to feel better, I start to wonder how I could do this to him, how can I marry the most amazing man, and know that I won't be around as long as he will... but then I remember what he said to me one day... "no regrets". I have to admit, he's smarter than I am. I am so blessed to have my family and my friends. Without them, who knows where I would be. It's amazing how many people will be there for you, and for your loved ones when you cant.

I know who my friends are, they are the ones that take care of things when I am sick, they are the ones that lend a helping hand when I can't, they are the ones, that will offer to pick up fast food for me, when I am in the hospital, knowing full well I can't stand the smell and taste of hospital food. It's the phone call to see how I a feeling, the "I poked my head in but you were sleeping" kinds of conversations I like to hear. At least I know someone came by. Being blessed by people I don't even know, or people who barely know me. I have the best life, the best friends and the best family anyone could possibly ask for. I don't know where I would be without them, but when I need them, I know they are there. Thank you, for being there.

I would like you to meet Two of my new CF friends from the US. Cheers ladies!

This is Cara, she's 150% Texan, and loves it. She is an amazing girl, with lot's of love and spiritual value. She embraces all there is to love about love, and life. She is married to a wonderful man, who is in the NAVY, and is currently away on leave. We pray for you everyday Patrick, be safe.

This is Emily, she's the original surfer girl. Well, to me anyhow. She is a California girl, with the heart of an angel. She helped organize the coolest CF fundraiser I have ever seen in my life, and met Laird Hamilton (Pro Surfer, married to Gabby Reese). It was called "PipeLine to a cure" So cool. I just met her recently, and I am happy to make her acquaintance, and welcome her into my family!