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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why wait...

This week has been a very special week for our family.  

On my birthday, my 35 th birthday as very good friend of our was given a second chance at life.  she is not a cystic fibrosis patient, but she is a very dear friend.  He name is Kim MacLennan, and she is a trooper.  She had been called and pushed aside three times already and this being her fourth time, came with a special blessing, not only was it "THE" call is was also my birthday, and God listened to me when i said make this one work, she's hurting, she needs to have her life back.

Today she walked in her walker, and it's the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.  i only sigh I had more photos of my transplant than there are floating around out there.  Only thanks to my cousin, and a couple from my father.  i don't know if Kim reads my blog but I am going to tell you a little bit about the amazing woman.

She is a teacher, a mother, wife and daughter.  not to mention someone's best friend.  She has been in pain for so long that this surgery was so needed.  Now she won't be in pain, she won't look like she is 8 months pregnant, because that shitty lives and mass that was living in her body has now been removed, and replaces with a stronger, healthier liver, that has now taken up the proper amount of space in her body.

This is my great friend Kim pre-transplant:

Isn't she gorgeous!  Love that hat!

This is my dear Kim, post transplant, walking like it's no ones business:

Run Run as fast as you can, you can't catch Kim, she's got a new liver man!

Every day I wish I knew who my donor was, what he/she is like, the day doesn't start without a hello dear donor in the morning, and a Good night dear donor at night.  I don't know if Kim's donor family will be more accepting than mine, hopefully they want to see where their loved ones parts are heading.  i wish on a start every night that my donor family will want to know a little bit more about me, but i can't press a hot button issue now can I.

This blog is a reminder of how important organ donation is, where is leads, the difference it makes and most importantly the lives they change. One life two families, now it's two lives 4 families.  Amazing what can happen.

Remember to sign off on your organs when you don't need them any more, it's only going to make your family bigger and bigger in the end.  Look what it has done to my family and Kim's. Do we need any more explanation?  I don't think do!

God bless the current organ donors, 
future organ donors and all those who are recipients of organs, 
like me and my good friend Kim!  
Blessings to you all!