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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday or Thursday Thoughts...

I have to steal this from my Friend Ronnie.

 I can't think of anything more brilliant than Thankful Thursday, well maybe Wacky Wednesday, but it's not Wednesday so here it goes.  I have also decided to do something along the lines of a 30 photography thing, everyone has done, so maybe I should too.

Any thoughts on Thursday thoughts?  How does that sound?

Well until I get that up and running you are just going to have to read about what I have to say. Not that there is much there, and I am trying to get these blogs copied so I can actually save them, and maybe someday turn them into a award winning memoires of ME, Myself and I.  How could I not, I have done so much, experienced so much and have so much to share, that I don't know where to start.

Let me start by telling you what I am thankful for...

1) My family, what can I say.  When I fall they pick me up, when I laugh at them, they laugh harder at me.  And most importantly, I can always count on them to bring me food when my fridge is empty. lol

2) The Sun!  think about it, when it's not out, what kind of mood does that put you in.  Have you ever really thought about how the sun makes you feel.  Well Let me show you a little bit about what the sun looks like in Cornwall, well Long Sault really.  It's like the sky is gold, and it's raining gold on us all.

Long Sault Ontario, May 2012
Golden Rays of Life

3) LOVE without it, life would really suck.

I am listening to a Barenaked Ladies song called 7 8 9, yeah self explanatory, it's classic.  I have never heard it before, until this very moment. Thank you for making history with me. lol

4) Cornwall... the famous people that come out of our city.  For example... Dale Hawerchuk, player for the Royals, as did Doug Gilmore.  Melanie Banville, Olympic Gymnast, Christine Julien Olympic Soccer player, Chad Kilger born in Cornwall played for the Anaheim Ducks, Toronto Maple Leafs and HABS, most famous person to come out of Cornwall, our very own Ryan Gosling.  You read correct ladies, he's from my home-town, the heart throb of the Notebook is a Cornwallite.  WOOHOO!!!!

& 5) ME!  Nothing is better than ME!

The Ladies who helped make me who I am

Me, on the most amazing day of my life!
My Wedding Day June 14th 2008

Too Cute for words.

See you all soon!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Blog Look

Well, look at what we have here, a new look for Blog.

Hmph, not sure about the look, don't know if i like it or not.

Looks Cheap!

Very cheap.  This is a test, not a real interesting post, just want to check things out.

Give me a minute!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Strides 2012

For more information on my experience and story keep reading on.

Love to my Cyster and Fibros.

Kisses and Good night!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My life to live.

It is my life that bring a smile to my face.  The people I know, the people i meet and the family I absolutely love.

It is this love i have for life that brings the most important aspects of my life together.  Not only does my family and friends hold special places in my heart, but so do the friends I meet on-line or wherever I go.  I met friends in Toronto that I will hold near and dear to my heart, the ones that came to see me after my surgery, and the family that kept me from going insane.  You know who you are. Kevin & Erin McCue, Kevin & Bernadette Proulx, Chris, Jill, Morgan, Grace and Kyra Tessier, Shawna, Lindsay, Erin & Jeff, Judd, My mom and Dad, My In laws, Memere, Jim, Dave, Jim Brownell, Tracey, Rebecca Hardy (on more than one occasion, thanks Chris for training at that time) Cheif Parkinson, Mayor Bob Kilger, Tracey Trottier, Bobby & Noreen Richer, and the two most important men who were there for me at that very moment that everything happened, Chris Watt and the man of my life, Derek.  Without all these people in my life, I wouldn't be able to say thank you, for being there for me.

And that's the truth!

Many of you were there inspirit and I thank you dearly for that.  I also have to thank the Pope, as he sent his well wishes to me through the Vatican, hard core, yeah I know.  Thank you to my family, who couldn't be there but i know where there in spirit and love and respect to the donor family.

Today is my Donor day.  i always think of them, all the time, but sometimes it's hard to realize that i am here with their lungs.  I am still alive, and I can't believe it sometimes.  It's days like this that i just find my heart troubled when I cannot imagine what I have done to be here today.  Why me, why is it i get to live while another dies.  I can't answer those questions I can only pray that I will be able to meet my donor in heaven when I get there.

So to my donor again today, I live because you dies.  I live because you tried, and i live because your family thought it would be the best decision, and something you wanted.  THANK YOU!

And this is my blog for the night.  Until tomorrow I bid you Adieu and pleasant dreams, they are what we are made of.  Loving you all today and always,


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am going to be an Auntie!!!

Laddies and Lassies,

I am please to announce that there will be another member in our family as whole.  My eldest sister Erin is going to make me a beautiful little baby to play with, hold and love more than I could possibly imagine.

This is my post.

Thank you

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary to....


Today is February 16th, 2012, and three years ago today I was blessed with the only gift that is completely selfless... and that is the gift of organ donation.  Not only did I receive these beautiful Lungs that allow me to be here, but it also reminds me that someone had to lose their life, a loved one or a partner, in order for me to be grateful on this day.

Every year at this time, I get to celebrate another year full of life, with the people who mean the most to me.  My friends and family.  I can tell any stranger my story, I can tell you my story.  But you will only hear about it from my point of view.  The best experiences in life are the ones you suffer through.  I am not going to lie when I tell you I was scared, because I wasn't.  I didn't panic, I didn't cry all I can say is that this was the most amazing day of my life.

I have been given the gift of life again.  a gift that not many people get to experience in their lifetime.  I get to live life twice.  I cannot undo what I have done in the past, but I can better my future for all those involved.  Today I can say that I can do that, I can do this.  Three years ago, I wasn't coming home.  The love i have for my second unknown family, is about as intense as the love I feel for my own flesh and blood.

Their child, spouse, or partner is inside me, living on through me, and breathing to keep me alive.  These lungs are a part of me, a part of them a part of a future that I almost never had.  Last year I wrote to my donor, this year I did not.  Does that make me a bad person, that I am not regarding my donor family for everything they have done for me to be here?  I don't think so.  I have reached out to them, but i cannot force them to talk to me or write to me.  It's probably still painful.

Would you want to talk to the person who is taking the lungs of your loved one?  Who was taken from you suddenly and without notice?  No, you probably wouldn't, so why would I expect them to do the same.  Life is like a crystal glass, if you bang it around to much it will break.  Slow down, you move to fast, you've got to make the moment last.  My lungs are my life now, everything I do is for them, keep them safe, medicated and full of hot air, oh wait that's my head... no that's the lungs.

I am strong because;
Someone gave their life to save mine.  
Someone made a choice to let me live.
Someone thought of someone else,
Someone thought of me.

I am Strong because;
I have a loving family,
I have loving friends,
I have air in my lungs,
I have life in my soul.

I am strong;
Because I said so!

I am strong;
Because I am me!

What is this life for....

As I was sitting at my parents house tonight, I have come to the realization thaat I am one lucky girl. Ok so I have always known I was lucky but now I know how really lucky I am. As my third anniversary comes creeping up on my, in four days, I realize that there is more to life than I let on. I have been introduced to some wonderful women, with whom I don't seem to talk to as much as I think I should be. My wonderful hubby, Derk, introduces me too many of his friends wives or girlfriends and I don't think twice to call them to do something with me.

 What is wrong with me.

 Maybe it's because I am so used to doing things on my own that I don't even think to call them. Not only them but the girls I have met at work. Maybe it is just me, but I think I suffer from severe anti social behavior. I will socialize at wire, but I win't think twice to call anyone outside of work. Or maybe it's because I am too tired after work, and all I want to do is sit on my couch watch a movie or Criminal Minds. It's not that I don't like these people I think these women are wonderful, but they all have something in their lives that I do not have and that's children. How do you socialize with people who have children and you don't? Take for example my bestest friend Ashley, she lived across the gall from me, her kids grew up with me Round so I was familiar, my new driends have kids, they don't know me from Adam.

 There is a kin ship with people who have kids, they can compare lives, but who's life sod I have to compare with? Even my CF friends are having babies... You heard that right, cf'ers can have babies, and we make pretty sexy pregnant mommies too. My life is exactly what I want it to be, but it has been brought to my attention that I. Need to get and do stuff for myself. I agree with that. I have a new job, and I have my own money coming in, so why don't I do something for myself?? I guess I am the kind of Weston who doesn't like to make plans with people, because any time I make plans with people they all back out, or something else came up.

 Maybe I am the type of person people actually like around. Am I too spunky, hyper whatever you want to call it, or am I just really boring to be around. I am not up with current affairs, I hate politics and the way the government is run, I hate that I would have had to pay for my medication but it took a woman to stand up to men to tell them that we as. Cf patients cannot afford to pay hundreds even thousand sod dollars to stay alive.

Maybe I am sick. I don't know what I am. I live for today, not knowing what will happen tomorrow. No one knows what will happen, so I am not going down that road. I don't have complaints that I know of, although my husband would probably say otherwise. I love my job, my family and my close friends with nwhom I consider sisters, maybe I don't want the drama that having many sets of friends it brings.

 I am not the only owe with a telephone, I may bethe only one without a cell phone, but my home line rights the same. On that note I am going to talk is down a little bit, and enjoy what i have left of my weekend. So, sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite, and enjoy the Grammy's.

Chers Ali

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleaning House

So today I decided that I was going to clean out my facebook account.  you know get rid of people you don't talk to, who don't comment on anything, or those who I just don't want associated to me in any way.  This is how I cleans myself.  Get rid of the negativity and useless meaning in my life.

Time to rejuvenate my life.  New hair, New job new Friends and a new attitude about myself.  I have been reconnecting wit my childhood self, remembering all the wonderful things I did as a child, and thought that would make me feel better.  And boy was I right.  I have made some drastic choices in my short life, that I thought I needed to make some more.

I have lost a friend again this day.  I want to send out my love to the Martinez family, and to Cinthia's close friend Kate "Ducky", please know that i am here and love you very much.  CF sucks, and it always will.  But good can come out of this mess of a situation.  a CURE at some point.

I have started a new job in the beginning of December, and tomorrow I have officially been put on the floor for actual work and not training.  Am I ready, I don't know yet, ask me tomorrow.

Well this is the minor update to you all, and I want to thank you for sharing in my sadness and frustration and cleanliness,  I couldn't do it without you.  Haha

Love to the Msrtinez family, and all the world.