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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Me?

This is a sad blog today.  A good friend of mine in the UK has passed away.  Rachael and I met online through many friends.  Things are starting to make me wonder why i am here and Rachael didn't make it.  I am attaching the link of her memorial tribute by the BBC in the UK. I have also Dedicated my profile picture to her.

This could be any of us, but Rachael :"Rachy" was someone special to  me.  Those that knew her and followed her know what she went through.  I am losing so many friend cause people don't sign their organ donation cards.  Is it worth that much that you have to take you organs with you, to not be used by anyone else.

Try saving up to 8 lives with major organs and hundred more with tissue, blood and and more.

Above is the link.  Please read the article, watch the video and think of all the wonderful things you can do,  and the wonderful children and adults you can save.

If you haven't thought about organ donation, please talk to your family.  Make sure your swishes are known with your friends and family.  There is too much sadness in life, if you could save someone when you decide to leave this world, or rather it's your time to leave this world, wouldn't you want to live on through another person.  Rachael can be your daughter, niece, Aunt or granddaughter, why would you chance loosing them again.

Please talk about Organ donation, it saved my life and can save yours when you need it.

Love you Rachael, always and forever!