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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pin Up and away...

As I sit here listening to Katy Perry I can only think of Pin Up Girls.  No I am not "Gay" and I have no problems with that.  But I think Pin up girls from the 50's, the drawn ones, are some of the best images I have ever seen.

For instance, the used to use the pin up girl to capture the beauty in a woman's body, they used pin=ups to encourage young men to join the army.Navy/Air Force.  some of the best images come from that old time vintage art.  Check this out, it's my facebook profile picture right now.

If I were a young man in the early prime of my life, at a tender age of 18, and want to find out who i really was, I would join the sir force on this photo alone. And there are tones of them lurking around the internet.  They also used pin up girls to advertise.  Not all women look like June Cleaver.  Here is another one looking towards the military aspect of life.

Call me crazy but this is the kind of art I love.  So if ever you are wondering what to get me, get me something tasteful like these.  Probably why I have a fascination with Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jean.  This is one of my favourites of Marilyn Monore.

Marilyn, as true as it get's.  She's beautiful, smart and fun.  Not to mention beautiful.  Andre De Dienes was the first to make Marilyn a household image.  Taking her under his photographic wing when she was 18, and still Norma Jean, he saw potential, and look where it got her.  Fame, fortune and then a sad death.

I will love Marilyn always, her style, her smile, and her photogenic presence is something I will cherish.

I hope everyone can see what I see in Marilyn and not just a sex symbol.

Pin-Up and away.