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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's New, what's hot!

Hey Friends,

I have been a bad Blogger.  My last blog was in April, and it's now close to the end of June.  I admit, I am a little upset with myself for not allowing my mind to relax and get things done, but you have to believe me when I say I haven't even had time to finish a book that I started a few months ago.  In fact I think it was the title of my last blog.

So you ask me what's new, well I haven't had much happen that has been of interest to anyone.  In fact it's not even of interest to me.  I work with my father and my husband, and that keeps me entertained during the week, and the weekends have been pretty quiet.
I have, however, been experiencing some swollen hands and feet, that no one seems to know what to do about.  Sleep with your feet elevated, OK I do that, still swollen.  What does Toronto say, nothing, just to drink more water.  YUCK!  My knuckles are hurting, maybe I am getting arthritis or something, that would totally suck.

Not to mention the heat, the heat sucks, that can be a contributing factor to the swelling, but Toronto doesn't know or cannot say for sure.  Why should I call them with something that is bothering me, if my new nurse, doesn't get back to me the same day, and doesn't explain anything to me either.  I do not like the new Transplant Coordinator nurse I have.  I WANT DEBBIE BACK.  She explained everything I never had to worry about waiting a few days before I hear back from her.  Why do they change, when you get used to one person, it should always be the same person.  Pointe Final.

A picture to relax be, because my brain is over powered right now....

Nastia Liukin

Ok, now to log off, and get some real rest.  No more computer, no more lights, just the sound of the wind in the trees, the night bugs and laying next to my hubby.  That is all i need.

LOVE LOVE LOVE to you all