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Monday, July 18, 2011


I had the best weekend I could ever think of.  You see my home town, Cornwall, Ontario have this event every year called Lift-Off.  It's about family, friends, fun and Hot air Balloons.  Oh did I mention the entertainment.  Fantastical.

Each year this event bring in tourism to our little town, and whole lotta fun to be had.  There's a fair set up in the park, and the concerts, oh the concerts are amazing.  The one truly inspirational thing about this festival, is that it speaks to me on a different level.

Before I had my transplant, or after rather, I would tell people that the way I felt when I could breath was like a hot air balloon.  At first it's all crumpled and stuck together in a bag that won't allow it to open up.  When a balloon is set free, and able to open it's cavity it brings beauty and an amazing reflection of what it feels like to be able to breath.

Kinsmen Lift-Off Balloon Festival

To be able to breath freely is like watching a Loon swim, floating along the top of a water passage.  Beautiful.

So see the mechanics of a Hot air balloon is like looking at the mechanics of our breathing system.  Tubes, holes and passages we could never imagine living without.

This year event was a huge success, I can only hope to see some of my friends out there next year.

Cheers and love with arms wide open.  Breathing easy and loving every minute of it.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Have You Ever?

Welcome back to another story of what I have ever known to be, or learned.


Hear of a artist by the name of Alex Pangman?  NO!  Well let me introduce you to this soulful jazz singer who bring a whole new meaning to Breathing Easy.  She is a beautiful 33 year old woman, with the voice of Ella Fitzgerald.  I would love to hear her sing some Gershwin.  He voice is hypnotic to say the least.

She was born with CF, and had a double lung transplant in 2008.  Same year as Ashley and myself.  She is a gorgeous red head with the big curls to match her big voice.  She is stunning and  i can't get enough of her, I just cannot.

Alex Pangman

"CFers are tenacious fighters.  We live life to the fullest and when we hit a roadblock, 
we find a way to circumvent it and do other life-enriching things.  
We also tend to live in the moment and squeeze the good out of every day. 
 That helps not being crushed by the chroni-ness of it (CF)"  
~Alex Pangman

(a Quote from an article in the Kin Canada magazine.)

To read the full article, please go to the following link.

her website is :

I suggest you get into this gal.  Her music so delightful and enlightening.  Sounds of Judy Garland can be heard in this big voice.

You can buy her albums at  so for the life of all of us.  GO & CHECK IT OUT.