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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long Walk to Freedom

Long walk to freedom... I have started it, and it's going to take me aq while to read it.  I am on chapter 5 and already I cannot put this book down.  I have two other books by Jodi picoult waiting in the wings to read and I still cannot motivate myself to get on the band wagon and just dive into it.

Maybe it's the distractions that I find myself mixing with, like Golf games on TV, or movies that I want to watch or maybe it's just because I cannot sit still for longer than an hour, unless that part of the book is really interesting.

Well okay maybe it's a little bit of everything all rolled into one... I'm a a bitch i'm a lover , I'm a child... see what  mean.  Deviating from the real reason I am here.

Speaking of Jodi picoult above, I cannot ehlp but realize how much I love her work. 

Some of her books are less than to be desired, but hey, who am I to complain, she makes more money that i do, and there were really only 1 of her books that didn't interest me.  I won't say wich on, because I know others love that book.  Her newest one came out on March 1st, and you can bet I was in line for it.  Well, there was no line up, but I got mysefl a fresh copy right out of the box.  No one had touched it but the guy who printed, and boxed the book, then the girl that took it out of the box.  handed down to be in my hands, the fourth hand that ever touched it.  What a  great feeling.

This will be my book reading entry, and alas, I had lied to you all last pposting, there was a mishap with the number of postings I have.  This is actually my 100th posting, but no one really needs to know that, and those who read this will know now that I have lied to them about the number of postings I have.  I am truly sorry for that.

Well, enough about the books i have read, I will post somethign a litle more interesting tomorrow, as I have got to get some rest.

Loveing you all very much.

Yours always