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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't be Scared it's only Grade 1... rejection!


Pardon my language, but this just in, I have been called on Easy Call, the system transplant patients use to communicate with their doctors and Nurse Coordinators. I got my Easy Call on Monday August 30th, and the message I got wasn't entirely what I was hoping it would be...

The message was neither scary or exciting. a little nerve wracking,... yes definitely. But I can't imagine that after 6 months I went from minor rejection to an actual classification of rejection. GRADE 1. Now i am not entirely sure what Grade 1 means, but this is what i do know....

1) My meds will not change. I was hoping for a reduction in my Prednisone, which makes me fat, and bloated and just not cool with myself,

2) they will increase the amount of Cyclosporine i will take, which is one of my anti-rejection medications,

3) I have to go back to Toronto for another Bronch in 2 months. So the end of October beginning of November, I get to have another bronch done. WOOHOO!!!!!!

My nurse coordinator, Debbie, called me again toaday to inform me that I am growing Pseudamonas, which is what I was growing before my transplant. This is normal in transplant, as the mucus in your sinus' and in your throat will generate again in the lungs, when you cough, sneeze and so forth.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a versatile Gram-negative bacterium that grows in soil, coastal marine habitats, and on plant and animal tissues. People with cystic fibrosis, burn victims, and other patients in intensive care units are particularly at risk of disease resulting from P. aeruginosa infection.

I am not worried or anything, but I won't lie, i am and can be a little scared, that, what happened to Eva, might just happen to me. It will eventually happen, but I can only hope for the best, that i will live long like Bobby, and live life to the fullest.

Keep your prayer lines open, I might need you again at some point. But until then, live long and prosper. Stay thirsty my friends. haha

Love to you all


Surviving cystic fibrosis - Health -

This article involves the same surgeon, Dr. De Perrot, who saved my life.

I owe him a lot, about as much as I owe my donor family.

I wouldn't be here if his magical hands didn't help in my life saving surgey.

I love that man, and will never forget him.

Love to the De Perrot family always.

Surviving cystic fibrosis - Health -