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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cystic Life Network

Well, I have just joined a CF netwrok, called Cystic Life.  What an amazing site.  You can read posting that other with Cf put up, like reading their blogs, and help them figure things out.  It's what i have eben trying to do here for some time now, and never really thought I was making a difference.  No one knows about my site, and no one really reads it but be.

Not only that i have found a site that will publich my blog for $40 some odd dollars, and it's tempting, oh so very temping.  i might consider it, but I still blog my heart out.  I tell eveyone what's going on, and whant to tell the whole world ina book.  Well okay, for selfish reasons, I want a book.  I want to think that I am capable off making a difference in what I write.

So maybe I am a skeptic, and think it will work, or is that an optimist?  I never really understood the difference, and still don't.  At 30 years old, you would think i have learned that stuff by now.  But, no, I have not. lol

Well, there really isn't much to report... I'll let you know about Emily when I hear nore.  but your prayers are working, and i couldn't believe it when i read the last entry.  I am so proud of you Em, I hope things will keep working out for you.

Loving you always

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Emily's new post...

We're so proud of her, I can't wait till she's up and surfing again.
Go Em go!!


A Good Close of the Day...

Hooray! Emily's surgery to close the abdominal incision was successful. The surgeons were delayed. It did not start until around 7 PM and she came back around 8:35. The surgeon explained that they were able to close the incision. She has some temporary drains to remove liquid and a binder for support so it won't pull apart. They expect her to sit up and move tomorrow.

We are delighted that this phase will soon be behind us. Lots of healing left to do, but at least now we're on track ! We know that Emily will be very sore and it will take some time for her to heal from the surgery. We look forward to seeing her jump into physical therapy to get strong and get well!! Thanks, all, for your prayers and encouragement today.


PS- I dropped my phone in the toilet today, so if you are trying to call me, don't worry! I'll get a new one tomorrow:)