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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keeping up with the Haager's... PART 2

Hey Everyone,

Just keeping you posted on Em.  She is doing better.  They are really good at updating daily.  And I will try to keep up.

Keep praying for Em, it's working



This is Emily!!!


A Day of Forward Movement

What a great day!! Emily is doing very well today. She is alert as the sedation has fully worn off. She is getting enough pain medication to be comfortable but not enough to make her groggy. What an incredible blessing to just have a simple day of being with the real, lovely Emily!! Now that she is aware of what has happened and where she is, she is ready to take the steps needed to finish the race. She wants to walk out of here and get back to her life. What a great day that will be...

Emily is alternating between sleeping and activity. When she was awake today, we have chatted. We are getting better at reading lips, and she has been able to write to us a bit. Her vision has been blurry today, but it is getting better. We are going to try a computer to see if she can type. Thanks, Richard, for bringing us a small, manageable laptop. We have played Connect Four and will soon attempt a card game. Later today she may try to move to a sitting up position in bed. This is all much easier now that she is in a regular hospital bed. Yes, we said goodbye to the Roto bed. It has served its purpose and we are moving on!

Her new trach is working well. Respiratory therapy is going well and her lungs seem to be clearing out a bit. There is still much healing to do in her belly. We continue to hope and pray that the swelling goes down enough to fully close the incision on Friday.

The main job now is to get strong. She will resume physical therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) tomorrow. She needs to sit up and take a few steps to meet criteria for the lung transplant list. If today is any indication, she will get there in record time. Bravo, Emily! You should feel very pleased with your accomplishments today:)