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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally an update!

As I sit here, waiting patiently for my Host family, my aunt and uncle, to buckle down, and relax. i will take this opportunity tot write my experience thus far. Having been 8 shifts in to my work schedule, I cannot comment on who my favorite athletes are thus far.

As some of you may know I am working in the Athletes Village in Vancouver, a place that is full of excitement and the expectations of Olympic Gold for their respective countries. Yesterday, Tuesday, was Media day. Where only the elite of media where able to have full access of the village to experience what their fellow countrymen/women are up to. Try holding back a 250 pound Russian and tell him he can only come in to the athletes dinning hall on the 15 minute intervals. They had a tour of the amazing hall every 15 minutes, but they couldn't wait that long. Impatient, just a little.

on Monday night we greeted the Canadian and American women's hockey team, back from their practice. And what an uproar at the Athletes entrance that was. Seeing Kim St. Pierre, and Haley Wickeheiser walk through was awesome. WE CANNOT PLAY FAVOURITES, but when there are no supervisors around, hell yeah we are going to cheers our butts off for the Canadian girls. Sorry to all my American friends, your ladies are lovely, but our are, well, it's CANADA.

The speed skaters are all the craze, practicing onwards of two times a day, coming back for a shower and dinner, then off again to the rink. the Americans take their skates everywhere they go, it's like a piece of them, they cannot leave behind. There is a lot going on in the Village with welcome ceremonies for all the countries, its an atmosphere that is so astounding and full of energy, that it's hard to describe. You become friends with them all, that you want to see them all succeed. Then you remember that there can only be one winner... and pray its your country that wins.

Today my cousin, My aunt and Uncle and myself, will be heading to BC Place to see the Dress rehearsal for the opening ceremonies. It is going to be amazing. NO CAMERAS ALLOWED, is like telling me not to breathe, so sad, oh so very sad.

There are 8 locations we can be posted as hosts in the Olympic Village, the Guest Entrance, Athlete's Entrance, Welcome Tent, Workforce, NOC Entrance and Quebec street entrance, the Athletes Dinning hall, and Baggage claim/storage. All amazing experiences, but you can always tell where people want to be. I love baggage claim simply because i get to be organized, there aren't security people trying to tell you what to do at all times, when they have no right to. It's not the warmest, but it's the funnest.

More to come,

P.S. Thanks Jim for inpiring me to write this, I owe you one.