It is an honor that you are here, Thank you!

Saturday, February 6, 2010



Although i cannot confirm, or tell you all the excitement that i am experiencing while in Vancouver, working int he Athletes Village, I can tell you this... IT"S AWESOME!!!

China, Russia, Italia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden and a few others were introduced to the Vancouver Athletes Village on Thursday, and i have been at the village for the last 4 days. I love everything that i do is awesome.

I can't post any pictures up yet, as we have a clause out right now, but i can put up some of the scenery we see from the Athletes village. It's an amazing experience that I cannot fully explain. I have met so many amazing people that i cannot wait to pass the stories on.

I wish CANADA and all the athletes all the best, I am back onthe saddle from 2pm - 11pm Saturday to Tuesday. It is going to be a crazy week, with the preparations of the Opening Ceremonies only a week away. I'll post as often as i can.

11 days until my 1 year anniversary with my new lungs.