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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My favorite Ladies of CF!
Anne (From CHEO), Ena (From Adult Clinic)
& Lyne (my physio in Adult Clinic)

I have been chosen.. for many things this upcoming year. If I don't let the little things bother me, maybe it should be that way all the time for everyone.

Each year I fight the fight with Cystic Fibrosis, and each year gets a little more intense than the next. This year is going and is turning out to be great. Not only am I celebrating the one year anniversary of my new lungs, but I also get to represent my country as a volunteer for the Olympics in Vancouver.

I was asked to lend my speaking skills to the Community Service Counsel assembly in February of this year. although I will be in Vancouver I have volunteered to video tape my speech and they will play it at the meeting. I have also been asked to enter a Speakers Contest with the Kinette club in my home town, to which i hope to become a member of. I can win this one, I know I can. I already know the title of my speech,. and when it's finished I will post on here for you all to read. Same with my taped video for the Service Counsel thing. You can all see what I now look like.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. And the Annual General Meeting will be held in our nations Capital of Ottawa. I will be there, as I am almost every year. This is going to be an amazing year. Not only is it the 50th Anniversary, but the whole event takes place on my 31st birthday. Yeah Baby.

I am however missing, again, the 65 Roses Gala held by the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club. This is an amazing event that i took part in two years in a row. The second year I attended, was in 2008 when i was the guest of the head table. I was able to sit with Daniel Alfredsson and his beautiful wife, met with Mike fisher, who is now engaged to Carrie Underwood, Chris Neil, Chris Phillips, Dany Heatly came one year. It was awesome, here are some pictures from a few years ago, this was the 2007 gala, my older sister Erin, was my companion and buddy for both times I went to these events. It was our thing.

Me & Wade Redden (Now plays for New York Rangers, and was the Senators Chair person for the gala for many years. Miss you Wade)

Me an Patrick Eaves (Now plays for The Detroit Red Wings, miss you Pat, hope all is well.)

Me & Mike Fisher, before he was with Carried Underwood.

Me & Chris Neil, what a great guy.

I missed 2009 because I had my Double Lung Transplant only one week before the gala, so I ended up missing it, but my picture showed up and my name was mentioned. Yeah me.

Well, have to head our folks, gotta work on that video. I'll keep you all updated as i travel to the other side of this great country. Vancouver I'll be there in 10 days. So very excited. I'll celebrate my country, my CF, and me of course.

Ciao or now!