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Friday, September 24, 2010

European Adventures

So yesterday was my fathers birthday, and he spent it drinking a bottle of champagne with my mom in Erope, actually, if I am not mistaken they are in Portugal. Wow, that is some birthday. This whole thing started about 2 years ago when my dad began hoarding his earnings, to create a Europe account. 2 years later, he's gone on a golfing trip with my husband and all his friends from growing up, my dad freinds. Mom's birthday came around while he was away, and it was my job to make it memorable. Boy sis i make it memorable. I had wraped the envelope about their trip in a box, covered in tape, then bubble wrapped it, then stuck it in another box, and taped it like there was no tomorrow. Then a proceeded to wrap this sucker in Christmas wrapping paper, because that was all I had at the time. While my mother opened her strange but unique gift, the letter my father wrote was proceless. I can't put it up here, as i don't remember it word for word. But my mother called my father a liar. Funny as hell. So as she opened her gift(s) she was looking through the pamphlets and it took about 3 minutes for her to realizr that my father had saved up money to take my mother on a European trip for her birthday. That happens to take place while it's my father's birthday. So romantic. Ahhhh. They started a blog about their adventures, and it's so much fun. I am so proud of them. It's been forever that they have wanted to do something like this, and now they are. I have never been more proud of my parents, for finally doing something for themselves, after doing everything for us, for so long. Well deserved Momma and Paw, well deserved. Love and safe travels. Ali

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's in the words...

For those of you looking for a good read in the near future, I highly recommend reading Andre Agassi's biography. He is amazing. When he talks about the pain in his body, I totally understand where he is coming from. Not only did i experience that pain, or something similar, but I can also admit, that I was not privy to being able to lie down on the hard floor to make my back feel better.

My Cf friends will contest that sitting in an upright or laying down in a 45 degree angle, was the only way we could somehow get any rest. Otherwise the mucus in our lungs would growl at us, and suffocate us. Being able to lay down on your back, is a gift, one that a lot of us never get to experience.

Although I cannot say that I am one of those patients any longer. I was lucky, had my transplant and can sleep on any surface, any where at any time. And that is pretty much what i do. I have at least 30 years of sleep to catch up on.

Sending a "SHOUT OUT" to my dear friend Ronnie today. He's in the hospital getting an oil change, tuning up the motor and making sure things run smoothly. And you know what, when he's got all of us here, rooting for him, there isn't anything that can stop us. We're running for you Sick Boy.

I want to write a little quote that I got from Andre Agassi's book... here it is...

"Even it it's not your ideal life, you can always choose it. No matter what your life is, choosing it changes everything."

Isn't that awesome. There are a few other quotes that he uses, but I was stupid not to mark them in the book as I was reading it. This one stood up, and was easy to mark, because I had a post it sitting right next to me on the table when I was reading the last few chapters.

Andre Agassi is an amazing soul. His beliefs are amazing. He met Mandela for crying out loud. There was a quote he got from Mandela's autobiography that really made me smile, but, do you think can i remember the quote, NOOOOOO.

That will be my next read I think, Nelson Mandela's book. Thanks Andre for inspiring me to read Mandela's autobiography and loving reading about who you were, and who you became. Isn't it funny how we always seem to quote other people, but never ourselves. Do you think others quote us, when we say something meaningful and inspirational?

So for those of you who like pictures, like me, this is the cover of Mandela's Autobiography, which I am hoping to get for Christmas... hint hint, to whomever I know is reading this, and wants to get me something for Christmas.

Oh Christmas, why did i have to go and say that. Sorry about that everyone, I'll try not to do it again.

Much love to all, and Get Well wishes to Ronnie and all my other CF friends in for a tune up.

Bless you all.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well hi diddly Ho, Neigborino's.

I am in the process of cleaning out my computer. Examining the photos that I have yet to remove from the system, and you wouldn't believe some of the old stuff i have found. I a talking old school. here let my show you, old school of me as a wee bitty baby, and how cute was I. Buddah belly and all.

This is my favorite picture of all times. I am in my blue (favorite colour) footsie pajamas, eating (my favorite hobby) and sitting in our awesome Cow cough, what more could you ask for. I feel so nostalgic. Those were the days. If you think this is cute, wait until I show you some others.

Old time photos bring back such fond memories of being a
child, having no worries, and being able to eat what you want when you want. Now, it's all because of anti rejections that you have to learn a whole new way of eating.

Here's another picture of me as a child, here you can really see my little Buddah Belly, oh how I loved it them it was cute... now... not so much.

There I am in my pink overalls, carrying what I think is some kind of stuffed... alien maybe??? Who knows.

As i was slowly growing, very slowly, i realized that i am pretty damn cute. i have a wonderful family, with whom I respect dearly. My mother and father, have put up with a lot as a grew up. Lot's pf physio, medications. There was a time, when we had to pay for all our meds, and that was not cheap. Luckily for kids in Canada, as far as I know, we do not have to pay for medications that will save our lives. We owe that to Mila Mulroney, the wife of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and mother of Ben Mulroney. O Canada, true north strong and FREE.

Time goes by, so slowly, when you listen to Madonna. Change it up listen to Dave Matthews,. I know totally off topic... ANYHOW!!!

According to the pole i had up on my blog last week, 66% of you think I should get my port replaced... well I think i am just going to get it removed, so when I do get sick, which won't be for a long time, I can just get a picc line. Ask Ronnie, they aren't so bad... RIGHT!!!????

Please hold, while I transfer some more documents on to a disc... Your patience is appreciated...

15 minutes later...

Okay, I am back. How eventful. So now i am going to just mention that i am a member of TEAM BOOMER. for those of you who don't know, Boomer Esiason is a former NFL Quarterback, who's some was born with CF, he has since started a foundation to help raise funds to support families and research. Check it out at Today in the mail, I got my TEAM BOOMER t-shirts and I am so excited to wear them to the gym. CF all the way baby, CF ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

Well, I just noticed that it's pretty damn late, and I have to work in the morning, i will keep you all posted about my Port when I find out more.

Cheers and pleasant dreams to you all.

With love