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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love & Marriage

This weekend, i was honroed to take pictures at the most beautiful wedding.  This wedding took 9 years to happen, and it all happend while I was behind the lens.  Kevin & Erin are two good friends of ours who deserve nothing but the best in their life.  I was completely honored when Erin & Kevin asked Derek and myself to shoot their wedding.  and what a wedding it was.  It was romantic, and stylish and the bride was so beautiful, I cried.  Yep, me the photographer, who sees weddings all the time, cried my freaking eyes out.

We took them to a great location for the shoot, that no one will ever be able to duplicate.  it's alittle gem hidden in the Cotton District of our home town.  It's quiet, full of old buildings and waterfront.  It was the first choice I had, for their special day.

I am going to post a few pictures, as they haven't seen them yet, but I want you to see the many varieties of photography that I can capture and hold close to your heart.  You are going to love these, I know I do.  So in honor of Erin & Kevin, here are a couple pictures to remember the day.  I don't think they are on my blog, so I need you all to vote for your favorite picture please.  I am having trouble deciding on which on to give them.  Can you help me out?

Thanks, here they are...






Monday, July 12, 2010

Lift-Off 2010

You are probably asking yourself, what the hell is Lift-Off.  Well let me tell you a little about the event that bring one city closer together, for a weekend of high flying adventures and Concerts to boot.

This past July 8th to the 11th, my little town of 46,000 people became the hub of entertainment.  Not only were there high flying Hot Air Balloons, but there was some awesome entertainment to celebrate the weekend.  I don't want to brag... but i will.

Can anyone tell me who this Guy is...

Tim Edwards of Crash Parallel

This guy is from a little band called Crash Parallel.  They are from Mississauga Ontario, and they are amazing. To say the least.  I was able to get some great shots of them playing at Lift-Off, that I found it hard to choose which one to pick.  I also o this shot, which is my favorite...

Crash Parallel

Lately I am obsessed with Black and White photography.  Most of you know I have my own little gig on the side that I do.  I shoot pictures of everything.  But Lift off is always a favorite, where else can a take pictures of bands, and people just having a good time, and totally enjoy the moment.  This is a time i remind myself, that 2 years ago at this time, I wouldn't have been able to go to this weekend event, as my lungs wouldn't perit me to do so.

So these guys might not be high on your radar, but I know for fact you can't deny who these guys are...

I think it's going Raine today....
Yep you guessed it, Our Lady Peace came to Cornwall, and rocked the house.  I didn't have enough time to take a thousand pictures, so I only took 950, all pretty much of Raine.  He's so yummy.  So Yummy I want to show you another one...

Raine, totally lucky shot.  And it's by far my favorite of all time.

This weekend also features the likes of Lighthouse, and Randy Bachman, bands I didn't get pictures of because of the rain.  i had a choice, take pictures in the rain, get sick... or... stay at home and admire Raine from my computer screen.  I chose the latter.

But Saturday night, was filled with electricity and excitement when this lady came on stage and made her presence known to a crowd of over 25,000... Who is she you ask, well let's find out...

Chantal Kreviazuk
I guess when you book OLP, you get his wife at half price, or vice versa.  They didn't play the same night, but what a show.  Her voice is so angelic, and inspiring.  "All I can do is love you to Pieces" has to be one of my favorites of her.  She is so inspirational, I felt like crying... but i didn't.  Not that there is anythign wrong with that.

Anyhow.  I have taken up enough of your time.  I will show you some balloons from the weekend, and maybe next year, we'll see you out here.

Ciao and enjoy the pictures of the Balloons.

Love lot's,

Launch field in St. Andrews Ontario

St. Andrews launch field

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Love Love Love

To those of you who read this, you know I love my freinds and family very much.  I have met many new friends on my life changes.  My new lungs brought me closer to my sisters, and the people I didn't think were really close to me, became very involved in my healing process.

My best friend Rebecca and her husband Chris, have been blessed with the most beautiful little angel.  her name is Paige, and she is 10 months old, 11 months on the 24th of July.  I had the greatest pleasure of photographing this amazing little girl and her mother when I visited them this past weekend.  Rebecca was the first one of my friends to vist me while I was in Toronto.  She came by when I was on the transplant floor, 10th floor, of the Toronto general Hospital.  Not only did she visit me, but she brought her faith with her, and it made me stronger.

Getting in touch with my spiritual self, made life so much easier to cope with after the fact.  It was rather difficult to believe, that God would do this to anyone, and hurt them in any way.  But I realized it's not God that did this to me, he chose me, because he knows that I can help make a difference in the lives of others who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis.  To show them that it's not all bad, that Cf is a blessing in disguise.  Cystic Fibrosis, will not take over my life, I have complete control now.  I have faith in God and Jesus to help guide me through things I didn't think I could handle.  You know what they say, God doesn't throw anything at you that you cannot handle.

I am telling you this because Rebecca and Chris have helped me realize that Jesus has died for my sins, and God will be there to greet me, when that time comes.  I can only hope I have made him proud.  Let's start by showing you some pictures of little Paige and Rebecca.  2 of God's wonderful master pieces.

Paige Deborah, 10 months and 9 days July 3rd

Paige & Mum on July 3rd
Children are what make the world go round, they laugh, the play, they cry, the want you to love them unconditionally.  and we do.  With a face like this, how can you not.

Much love to all, and peace and prayers to the ones who want and need it.

Kisses & Prayers

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Canadian History for Dummies

CANADA ~ A People's History - Complete Series (Set 1 2 3 & 4)
How to Move to Canada: A Primer for Americans

Well today is my country's birthday.  And boy are we old.

A lot has happened in the time, I was last blogging.  Well my health is still doing great, PFT's are in the high 90's and I will not complain.

My Parents, my sister my husband and myself went to see Shawns Phillips in a little town in Ontario called Iroquois, and was it a show to remember.  67 years old and he can still belt them out.  He's is famously known for his song what is so long, I won't even attempt to try, but simply it's called "Woman"  is't the most beautiful song ever.  It's the kind of song you want your husband to sing to you, or your boyfriend.  So beautiful.

"True North Strong and Free"

O Canada!

Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

~ the above link is Nikki Tanofsky's singing Oh Canada at the Vancouver Olympic Games!


I will write more later.  Going to celebrate being free!!!
Thank to our troops for keeping us safe and free.

Happy Canada Day to all!