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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I've been thinking

Well it's Wednesday, and I haven't written in a while. So many things have happened I don't know where to start.

Our family has had some sad news, a good friend of ours, who is pretty much like a brother to me, has had a sad week. Last Friday it was discovered that our friends younger brother had passed away accidentally. We have been grieving for the family, and doing what we can to make him happy, or at least realize there was nothing that we could do to make him come back. It's a situation I have been trained to handle, but couldn't begin to help, not knowing what to say other thatn "I am so sorry" just didn't cur it for me. I guess when it happens close to home, the situation chagnes. There is no amount of preparation for something like this. I felt hopless to help him deal with is loss. But in one instance, he did laugh, and it was the most liberating sound I have ever heard. Malcom will be missed by everyone, and we will always be here if the family needs us. Because that is simply the kind of people we are.

On another note,

I received an email from a local in Cornwall, where i am from, pissed that I wasn't selected for the torchbearer in Cornwall, and that the person chosen, isn't even known in the community. amazing how one person makes a difference. I have been asked to do an interview with the Seaway News, who find itself perched on your door every week in SDG&C, so next Thursday you will read the article written by John Divinsky, and know it's about me. I guess my experience has touched many locals int he community, who feel I should represent our communtiy, not a marathon runner, who no one has heard of. Thank you to that individual, who took the time to realize that Cornwall is my town, and i want to make a difference. I guess my going to the Olympics is bigger than running with the torch... although the torchbearer get's to keep the torch, and the awesome track suit, I want one.


Don't forget to buy your mittens and support our athletes at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. I'm buying mine, they are only $10.00 here's the picture...

How can you turn these puppies down. They are awesome! If your Canadian, buy them, if your American buy them. they are the coolest thing to hit the streets these days. So cool, that they are sold out. that's good. All the proceeds of the sale of these mittens is being given back tot he athletes, and it should be this way Time after time, years after year, and available every winter. What better way to show your pride in CANADA, then to wear these awesome mittens. Can't wait to get mine!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Cara, I am sending you a pair, and Patrick so be on the lookout.

VANCOUVER 2010 here I Come!
107 days to go!!!
WOOHOO! Get my schedule next week, so excited.