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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I can't believe it!!!!

Well how do you explain this one... some things that I can't believe right now, and it's pretty crazy.

#1) My best friends' little brother, Matt has had two very crazy things happen to him on his life's journey. Let me tell you what I have learned, little Matthew (23) has had a pneumo thorax, yep nice little collapsed lung and 10 days before his wedding. That brings me to the second thing this poor little man had to him... Matt has now gotten married, and he has married himself a beautiful little lady by the name of Rebekah. What a beautiful little angel she is. She was simply beautiful, and lovely.

Matthew is like a little brother to me, seeing as I don't have any little brothers at all, it is nice to see that a family I cherish dearly has kept me close to their hearts and invited my husband and myself to celebrate the uniting of these two beautiful souls. I cherish every moment I have with this bunch.

#2) My husband and I spent a week in Moncton, New Brunswick for Matthew's wedding. It was a cold week, and rainy too. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza, and it was so nice. Something we will always remember. It was a nice drive there, we took a few days to get there, and spent time with just the two of us. We stopped in Riviere du Loup, just outside of New Brunswick.

The second leg of the trip took no time at all, I'll post pictures when I have a chance I am not at my computer right now, so you will have to wait. The clouds were spectacular, and the rain, oh my goodness the rain, it came down like there was no tomorrow, it came down so hard we had to pull over at one point.

Well, there isn't much more to say right now, so I'll just take off for a little while. Don't know what to do right now, pretty tired, so i might just hit the hay, and relax a little. Read my book, I'd tell you what it is but I am afraid you might all judge me for it. So I'll wait until I have finished it, and let you all know about it.

Cheers and Good night,