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Monday, April 20, 2009

For Patrick & Cara; PART #2


I have to put this in here.

My great friend Cara had the best week last week. As you can see, her husband Patrick came home from being deployed overseas for the past 7.5 months. I couldn't imagine being without Derek for more than a week, let a lone 7.5 months.

Cara is one of the strongest women I know. Not only is she strong in mind, but strong in character, & spirit. Only she, and the many other military wives/husbands have this spirit. I don't have that particular spirit, but I do have a strong spirit in another way.

When I see this picture, I think of the greatness of these men & women who fight for their country on a regular basis.

This man, Patrick, is a perfect example of one of these spirits. It takes one heck of a man, to put up with us Cystic Fibrosis chicks. Patrick, if you are reading this, you and my husband get Medals beyond medals for living, taking care of, and sticking by us.

These pictures are nothing compared to the emotions I felt just looking at them. Can you imagine actually being there? Truly something you have to experience. I can't wait to see the video this summer, when I visit these two wonderful people.

Cara you are an inspiration to us all. Your smile is enough to make me smile, and I can only imagine how wonderful your laugh is. "P" there is not much more I can say to express how thrilled I am to see you home safely, when I saw Cara's pictures I cried, and I smiled uncontrollably. The fly by gave me goosebumps, i can hear the sonic sounds of the engines as you fly by. But to see the formation, the blue sky and just the thought of Cara waiting for you on the ground, picturing her, jumping up and down like a Mexican Jumping Bean.

This is a wonderful time for Cara & Patrick. Have a great honeymoon, and we'll see you this summer.

Love you both very much!

Kisses & Hugs