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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For Patrick & Cara

What's Happening These days...

Oh my Goodness, there is so much excitement that I can barely contain myself at this very moment. So much has been happening that I don't know where to start. Let's start with my 6 week Broncoscopy results, NO REJECTION, INFECTION or BACTERIA. Woohoo.

More importantly, it's all about the return of Patrick to my dear friend Cara...

But there is something more important than that. It may not be for most, but it surely is for my great friend Cara. You remember Cara, my 150% Texan friend who lives in Virginia, who's husband Patrick is in the military. You see, this beautiful, big heart, lovely lady is going to be having the time of her life soon. Her husband comes home from his deployment in less than 2 days. I am so excited for them both. He'll be safe and sound here on North American soil, and in Cara's arms, where she so excitedly awaits his arrival. Cara, this is the best thing that can happen this year, next to my transplant. It's in the same category. Not to mention your kick ass check-up, way to go girl.

These are the two pictures that make me love this wonderfully, healthy, happy and spiritual couple. They live life, like Derek and I do, to the fullest.

These are my favorite pictures of Cara and Patrick. Let's welcome him home with open arms, and make sure that he knows how grateful we all are. I may not be American, but Cara is my sister in every imaginable way. I support her and Patrick, and I am so excited for him to come home to her.

Cara & Patrick, I love you both,
and I am so happy for you.

With love from CANADA.

In other news...

My PFT's are up, I had my first CF clinic since my transplant, and it went very well. All is good in Ali Land. I have gained weight, and it's feeling great.

Can't wait to travel, and enjoy life, and hang out with friends. But most importantly, I get to enjoy breathing, and visiting Cara when they get back from their long overdue Honeymoon.

And it all comes back to CARA!!! See how much I love this girl. She's a spitfire.

Kisses & Hugs