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Friday, April 3, 2009

New & Exciting

Well if I haven't been keeping you informed it's for good reason.

I could let you all know the basics as hey happen, or I can make this a simple little update at once. So Monday March 30th, 2009 was my 6 week anniversary with NEW LUNGS, had my clinic appointment, blood work and all the glitz and glamor, Tuesday, Thursday and Today (Friday) I had Physio, Wednesday was my 6 week Broncoscopy, where they check for rejection and other infections or bacteria. Naturally there are the PFT's and weight. All that is going up.

PFT results by date;

03/09/2009: FVC: 2.6 / 71% FEV1: 1.9 / 60% FEV1/FVC ratio %: 86%
03/16/2009: FVC: 2.4 / 66% FEV1: 2.0 / 62% FEV1/FVC ratio %: 96%
03/23/2009: FVC: 2.7 / 74% FEV1: 2.2 / 71% FEV1/FVC ratio %: 98%
03/30/2009: FVC: 2.8 / 78% FEV1: 2.3 / 73% FEV1/FVC ratio %: 96%

Wednesday's Broncoscopy results, just got the call today @ 4:15pm (Friday April 3, 2009) and the results are, NO REJECTION, as for infections and bacteria, they are still checking the cultures. those are easy to take of, it's the "R" word I was waiting for. Isn't that fantastic. I am so excited about it to. I was so thrilled, that I had to leave a message with my Transplant Coordinator, that I was so thrilled. Bronx's aren't that bad, in fact they are kind of cool. They give you this medicine through IV, (they used my port) and it makes you tipsy. I love it. It must be similar to being drunk, or '"feeling good" as they say. It's been so long, I don't remember.

So that is the latest on that front. Very exciting. Well, not much else to report, I am feeling like a million dollars, now if only i had that much, I would really enjoy myself.

Cheers, Love & Good health to you all