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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ladis and Gentlemen start you enegines...

As you all I know, I had gotten the page for my new lungs at around 8:30pm on 15h pf February, one month and a day from the day I was listed. I had been staying at St. Mike's for about 3 weeks at that point or was just coming up to thee months. My day started normally, and I was settling into my nightly routine of realty and comedy filled evening. When my nurse poked her head back in to set me up or my antibiotics, it wasn't a surprise, until she told me that, in her so cute Russian accent I would le to think, European somewhere anyhow.

"Miss, Ali we have lungs or yo.u" And i am thinking, are you shitting me, is there, are there, really for me. Holy crap. Just like Ottawa, where the hell do I start. Needless to sat, I called my Cousin Dave, to asl him what time he was coming buy at and If I am not mistaken, that would have been a Sunday because he was out of town at the time. Tod him the story, and naturally like all national new Derek had happened to leave early to get to Jim's place. So i am calling Jim's house frantically, he's not answering, the cell phone we borrowed for this exact moment isn't on. SURPRISE Wilson traits do get passed down into un-blooded family members.

I had only just gotten my pager that Friday, and every time I would hear a helicopter or prop plane come in, I would thin are those for me, si up in bed a little, get some gravol, go back to bed.

But this day, This February day felt different. Not that we expected lungs to come in, but we just felt it was a good day all around. Derek had his best friend Chris there, and they stayed up at Jim Brownell's place, so I might add is one amazing man.

Having not been able t get a hold of Derek, for 10, minutes that felt like an hour, I called my Mom. Here is our conversation verbatim.

Mom: Hello
Al: Uou have to get here now...
M: Why?
A: they're here...
m" Holy shit, come on.
a: Dead serious, I am waiting for the medics to get here..
M: Okay we're my leaving now."


Then the phone rings again, and it's Derek, I told him we've lungs baby, get in a cab, and meet us a Toronto general 2nd floor I thin it was, and tell who you are and they'll direct you where to go. I knew he was misty eyed, heck wouldn't you be. We said out I love you;s, made sure that everything we have ever done together, is something we have treasures for our entire lives.


Phone rings again, I am on the gurney this time, it's Dad.

D: Hay Girlie, so what's happening?"
A:"Everything is taken care of here, The nurses will pack up my stuff, and I have to go. So just,go to TGH 2nd floor, and they'll tell you were I am."
D: O Kay so what's going on, Dad, I can't talk right now, I have to go, I am on the gurney and the Ambulance is waiting. Bye, love you"

Short sweet to the point, then from the there the phone calls went calling out to everyone.

As they wheeled me away in the gurney I can see all the CF faces poling outside their door, wishing that call could have been there. I went guns a blazing, fist pumps in the air, Rocky Style and the chant my sister Erin and I started doing when I was tires all the time.


The nurses were all crying, it's like watching her baby take it's fist steps into life.

Derek and Chris Showed up first, then Dave an Jim, them Mom & Dad and then a few hours later Erin & Jeff showed up. All we can do now is wait. Get me comfortable in a gown and long white tight stockings, I felt so sexy! lol

The surgery is set for Monday Morning at 6am. When I have access tot he computer next, Ill let you know what happens...

LOve love lov

Special Thanks to the following People for visiting me at St. Mike's

My most handsome and wonderful husband Derek.
All my Nurses & Doctors (You all know who are not on the list so don't mention it.)
MAyor Bob Kilger
Jim Brownell, MPP
Craig Carter-Edwards
Momma & Paw
Chris, Jill and the Girls
Traci Trottier
Jim & Kat
Chris Watt

All my blog messages, although I can't read them, there is only one computer for each floor, I think I have been here long enough.

Love & Kisses