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Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

I am also on Live Journal!!!

Not sure what to say about the snow storm we encountered this past week. Lots of snow, warm fuzzies inside, and hot chocolate.

I was sitting in my living room, looking out into the street, and the snow flakes falling were the big ones, that make it look as though the sky has been lite up all day. When they fall the fall hard, yet softly at the same time.

I was thinking of Eva and Ashley today. And my new friends. I love this site and my blog site, I can reach so many more people and share my story. Like a now flake I am ever changing.

Eva, I hope you are feeling a bit better today, and I hope you send me your address so I can make sure to send you some warm fuzzies of your very own, all the way from Ontario. The snow capital of Canada, after Quebec city. lol

This is my first winter with new lungs, after having had the hardest time breathing I think I can actually breath normally. It has only gone down to -10 degrees Celsius, and I was okay, mind you the wind is another story. But I wasn't short of breath or anything. It was really nice. I think my fingers and toes got cold before I needed to come back inside.

Ever wonder what a transplant patient looks like in a snow storm? Me too! haha

I will be going to the gym 3 days a week starting on Monday, i have recently become aware that I am nothing but lazy. I have been given this great gift, and i am wasting it away by sitting on my ass, doing nothing. So off to the gym I will be going.

Question to other tranplantees, what's your secret to staying thin? my meds are taking their toll on me, and I weight much more than I wanted, so I am trying to work off the extra pounds, and it's tough. Any secrets?

Anyhow, getting ready for the torch relay in Cornwall this coming Monday, it's going to be awesome, I will be there with bells on, and I cannot wait to see all the community out there cheering on our runners. So very excited to see the Olympic flame in Cornwall on Monday. I will be taking pictures, and posting them so don't worry about that.

Did you know that Miley Cyrus has a "Just Breathe" Tattoo under her left breast for a friend of hers that died from CF two years ago. It's in the Style magazine just out this week.