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Sunday, November 30, 2008

What would you do...

I went to bed last night thinking about a few things I want to get done before my BIG birthday on April 30th. One of them includes writing letters to people, thanking them for making a difference in the choices I have made in my life, the influence they had on me. When I thought of this I instantly thought of one of my elementary school teachers, and few high school teachers. Then I thought, why the hell would they ever want to hear from me?

Here's what i said to myself...

If I were a teacher, and my students thanked me for helping them in one way or another in their life, I would want to hear about it. If it's good. But the last time I saw one of these teachers, he kind of rolled his eyes at me. Maybe that's because I was a hyper active kid, and could never sit still... or maybe it was because I wasn't the smartest in the class and he would rather forget all about me?

What would you do? Would you write the letter to them anyhow?